Steps to take to get used to CPAP therapy

First try CPAP during the day

Before you try to fall asleep with a new CPAP try to get used to the mask by itself.hcnoctn452-u1p-global-001

  1. Hold the mask in front of your face (with no headgear or tubing) and breathe normally for 1 minute.
  2. Then connect the mask to your CPAP machine, turn the air on and hold it in front of your face for 1–2 minutes (still with no headgear). Focus on breathing normally. If the air pressure is uncomfortable, remove the mask from your face and try again after a few minutes.
  3. Now put your headgear on, sit and practice breathing through the mask and air pressure for 2 minutes at a time.
  4. Try reading or watching TV with your mask, headgear and air pressure on for 30 minutes at a time (but not in your bedroom).

Then take CPAP to bed

  1. Have everything set up. Therapy can be a hassle to set up when you’re tired. It’s best to have everything set up when you’re ready for sleep.
  2.  It’s ok to use it for just 30–60 minutes on your first attempt. Try to add 30 minutes each time you use it to stay motivated. Remind yourself that CPAP takes patience and perseverance. Remember your body needs time to adjust to the therapy and may not feel better right away.
  3. Keep a diary of your efforts and challenges. This helps patients see how far they’ve come, notice when issues become trends that need addressing and accept the idea that CPAP therapy is a process.
  4. Have your bed partner and family members help motivate you and keep you on track.

If you ever feel discomfort or that something’s not right, talk to your clinical therapist at CanSleep services; don’t forget we are also here to support you and share our experiences with you.

By Bahareh Ezzati (RRT)