What Others Say

After many years of snoring, coughing and gasping his way through the night, my husband was finally diagnosed with sleep apnea. We were put in touch with the wonderful people at CanSleep for him to be fitted with a mask and machine. He wore the mask that first night and woke up the next morning a new man! He felt totally refreshed – he had his first good night’s sleep in many years.

The most amazing part was that I had had a full night’s sleep – uninterrupted by all the noise and jumping that he had been doing. Over the years I had not realized that I was waking up constantly due to all his snoring and thereby causing me to be constantly sleep deprived as well. The only sound in the room at night now is a soft whooshing sound that the machine makes. We are both in better moods in the daytime and have much more energy.

This machine not only literally saved my husband’s life but it refreshed our marriage. Silence really is golden! – Debbie D.

I am a male in my mid-forties, and I have been using the CPAP ResMed machine for my sleep apnea. I have been using the machine for over a year and my breathing has improved dramatically. Also, I must say, that amongst the other benefits, like no snoring during the night, overall my quality of life has improved. I have finally lost some weight and my sexual life has improved. I wake up in the morning refreshed and I don’t have the need for an afternoon snooze anymore. I would recommend the CPAP machine to everyone in need. Thank you CanSleep! – Mario T.

CanSleep has been great so far. My questions have always been answered and appointments made without delays. CPAP has made a big difference in my quality of life. Feeling rested, I have a much better day, every day.” – Melanie E.

Good service and friendly, efficient staff. Very willing to help. – Linda B.

I can’t sleep without CPAP, without CPAP I had a heart attack. I’ve been fine since using CPAP. People at CanSleep are really helpful. – Kay A.

Always kind and professional, listen to what you have to say. The CPAP has made a huge difference in the quality of life for me. I am no longer dead dog tired all the time. Even have some energy at end of long day. – Darlene B.